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#7   Detalles de bodaHomepage08.06.2015 - 18:19
Saludos desde españa

#6   peter eleyeMail28.11.2011 - 02:39
hello im trying to find out where i can buy the "Stolen Innocence" Memoirs of a Child Migrant by Nigel Owen .
thank you.

#5   Cheri RausereMail23.10.2011 - 08:54
For my grandfather, Arthur - born 1889 - Leeds, England - placed in care age 2 - deported to Manitoba Canada 1901 - despite the abuse suffered both in his country of birth and his country of forced adoption, he lived a full and productive life - dying at age 68 - honoured by his numerous descendants - but let down by his country of birth - may the surviving child emigrants not be let down further

#4   stewart t leeeMail01.07.2011 - 15:56
I was one of these children 13 years of hell but I am still English and prould of it

#3   John McConnelleMail13.02.2011 - 00:04
I used to be proud to be British, but not anymore...
I have been lucky in life, having grown up with parents, then I heard about the plight of these children, I cannot sit back and let this go...

#2   Elizabeth G FellowseMail27.10.2010 - 00:31
Stephanie Whitford - born 1889 / sent to Canada via USA from Liverpool 1897

#1   Sebastian De CarsseMail13.04.2010 - 11:27

My greatest respect to all child migrant stolen children .

Sebastian J E De Carss.

(7 Entries in total )

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